Thursday, April 17, 2008

Homemade Swiffer Cloths

I found a cheap alternative to buying the Swiffer cloths to use with my Swiffer! Here is what you do: purchase some cheap washclothes (the kind you can buy at Walmart in a 10-pack). Buy a white or ivory color of washcloth so you can easily keep these "cleaning" cloths separate from your regular washcloths.

Simply use these washcloths instead of the Swiffer cloths, attaching it to the Swiffer mop the same way you would the store-bought ones. The washcloth will be a bit big, so you will have some extra washcloth flopping on the top of the mop, but that is ok.

WET MOP: Run some hot water in a bowl in the sink and add some cleaner (whatever you use to clean your floors). Soak several washcloths at a time so you can rotate. Take one out, wring out most (but not all) the water, and attach to your Swiffer mop. Now mop your floor! When it gets too dry, take it off, throw it in the hot water solution, and get another washcloth out.

DRY MOP: Attach a dry washcloth to your Swiffer mop and dustmop with it "as is" or spray a bit of furniture polish on first (just be careful as this will make SLICK floors...speaking from experience!)

When you are done mopping all your floors, throw these washcloths in with your towels to wash. This works great and is SO much cheaper that buying the store-bought cloths. Give it a try!