Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How to Make a Fancy Pie Crust Edge

I recently had an email asking me how to make the fancy edge on a double-crust I thought I'd share how I do it!

First, when you make a two-crust pie, put the first crust in the bottom of the pie pan. Take a knife and cut the crust flesh with the edge of the pie pan. Put your filling in.

Second, put your top crust on. I use a knife and cut around the edge of the top crust, leaving about 1/2-3/4 of an inch extra crust beyond the edge of the pan. Now I take the top crust that is hanging over and tuck it underneath the edge of the bottom crust. Work your way around the crust until you have a nice will just be kind of rounded where the crusts are rolled together. Sometimes I have to squeeze the crust around to parts that are a little thinner. Some places get too fat, so I try to even it out before I make my nice edge.

Lastly, Once the crust is all sealed around, then you can make the nice edging. I had my son take a picture of my hands (below) showing how to pinch the crust (using a piece of paper where the crust will be). To make this nice edge, take your left hand and hold your thumb and index finger up as shown above. Take the index finger of your right hand...hold the left hand on one side of the crust edge, and your right hand on the other. Place your fingers on both sides of the crust edge and push together gently. This will make one indented pattern. Take your fingers off and move them over to make the next indented pattern. Continue this on around the crust. If you kind of pinch your thumb and index fingers on your left hand, it makes the pattern a little more defined. But don't pinch too much!

I hope this makes sense. The next time I make some pie I'll take some pictures of this process and add them in here in place of this picture. Have fun!